Cross Tay Link Road bridge, near Perth

I’m a bit late to this — planning permission for the new Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR) was granted in 2019 — but it’s bleedingly obvious that Perth doesn’t need any new roads. I rode beside the works of the £150 million CTLR two days ago and, from the air, I could see via my drone that it’s a mammoth undertaking, screeching across farmland and linking the A9 near Perth with the A93 to Blairgowrie and the A94, just north of Scone.

The new 3-span bridge over the River Tay is nearing completion and there will also be a four mile stretch of motorway-style road cutting across greenery. What was greenery will be eventually “filled in” with development, expanding Perth.

Farmland obliterated.

On the plus side, it’s clear that the developers have thought about the needs of cyclists and pedestrians during the project’s development — there’s a detour around the site that, while bumpy, is OK. But the project’s stated goal of “significantly reducing traffic congestion” will be fleeting as the well-understood phenomen of induced demand quickly comes into play.

The planned “active travel” route beside the road won’t disguise the fact this project is a colossal waste of money, the bulk of which is coming from the local council, loading themselves with debt.

I stayed in Perth. It’s pretty run down. The council could have spent taxpayer’s money far more wisely, but, then, too many councillors have “car brain” and love spending money on big projects. Such a waste.

New access roads from the new Tay bridge.