Day 14 Addition — Corrieyairack Pass

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This is one of the rides in the book so should be kept secret until publication but as I was in Dalwhinnie and will then pop up in Inverness it’s obvious I must have gone over General Wade’s 1731 Road over the Corrieyairack Pass.

Road, yes, passable with a motor vehicle, no. It’s on the only-just-doable-on-a-gravel-bike spectrum, and made even harder with the bike bags.

Some parts — especially the hairpins towards the top — were hike-a-bike for me. But I was happy because at just the right moments the rain stopped and I could fly the drone.

There were lots of water crossings en route, including deep plodges that couldn’t be ridden.

My aim was to reach a bothy on the descent, and I did so — the June rainfall meant I had a ri er to cross to get there.

The Bothy was empty. No surprise as I had seen nobody on the trail all day. I settled in, burning a few sticks and straw for about five minutes of heat. An hour or so later the door rattled and in dripped a hiker. This was Gavin who is doing some mighty bit daily walks — 60kms at times.

We chatted about our camping/bivvying strategies.

My kit kept me warm all night and I had a good sleep, waking with the daylight streaming through the windows at 5am.

I set off before Gavin. But that’ll be for the Day 15 report…


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Ride Stats

  • Moving time
    03 hours 27 mins 59 seconds.

  • Elapsed time
    06 hours 38 mins 03 seconds.

  • Distance
    26.2 miles (42.2 km).

  • Elevation
    2,372 ft (723 m).

  • Average speed
    7.6 mph (12.2 km/h).

  • Max speed
    25.2 mph (40.5 km/h).

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