Day 25 — Newcastle to Thirsk

by | Jul 11, 2024 | 0 comments

Back on the road again. This time with no rain. Still cool and cloudy out there, mind, and the forecast afternoon sunshine never put in an appearance.

Some bigwig did, though. Police motorbike outriders stopped all traffic at Crossgate Moor near Durham, and then a few unmarked police cars sped by. (That reminds me, I was nearly knocked down by the queen in London some years back. I was crossing the road and just jumped out of the way of a fast-moving limo containing her maj and the Duke of Edinburgh.) Dunno who this convoy was conveying.

Going close to Durham I couldn’t but not ride on the Great North Cycleway at Neville’s Cross. I was there when this was resurfaced, and then officially opened. Or reopened, because it’s one of “my” 1930s cycle tracks, one side of which was renovated and couple of years back.


This was the old A1, Great North Road, as was much of the now bypassed road going south.

Then didn’t stop until Thirsk. I’ve now got the Greggs app and couldn’t resist a steak bake. Protein innit. And two carb-replacement doughnuts.

Wild bivvying at a scenic overlook tonight. Hopefully it stays dry. Had enough rain to last me the rest of the year.


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