Day 22 (part two) — Clitheroe to Skipton

by | Jul 2, 2024 | 0 comments

Seven or so hours after leaving Clitheroe for the Trough of Bowland book loop I returned and still had 22 miles to do to get to my next hotel. That’s on top of the 11 early morning miles so today was a hilly 100 miles or so in total. Felt like it.

Despite a forecast for steady rain throughout the day I only got a very brief sprinkling.

With lots of stiff, moorland climbs — some very steep — I was even in short sleeves towards the end of the day.

The Bleara Road climb from Earby to Skipton was super steep on the ascent and long and mostly straight on the descent.

Weather forecast isn’t looking great for the next few days. Have yet to decide whether to abandon this section and hope for better weather for the next.

Again today I was lucky on the Trough of Bowland loop and got the drone in the air at the places I’d planned to fly, but there’s no point me riding through solid rain. I’m here to take pix and if I can’t take (m)any I’ll have to come back when some modicum of seasonality returns.


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Ride Stats

  • Moving time
    02 hours 26 mins 08 seconds.

  • Elapsed time
    03 hours 03 mins 21 seconds.

  • Distance
    24.4 miles (39.3 km).

  • Elevation
    2,497 ft (761 m).

  • Average speed
    10 mph (16.2 km/h).

  • Max speed
    36.9 mph (59.3 km/h).

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