Day 23 — Sun and (lots of) rain on Skipton loop

by | Jul 3, 2024 | 0 comments

In expectation of a certain famous victory in today’s Tour de France I took a drone pic this morning of Bolton Abbey’s Cavendish monument. Congrats Cav!

Bolton Abbey was on today’s book loop so no GPS plot of that. I left Skipton expecting to get wet but the weather forecast was topsy turvy — when it was supposed to rain, it was dry; and when it was supposed to be dry, it was wet.

Sadly, the wet bit was over high, exposed moorland roads and I couldn’t fly the drone until a brief weather window at the end of the day.

Going forward I can’t rely on these windows so I’m taking the train back to Newcastle on voting day (I had a postal vote). It’ll be good to watch the election on telly at home. I plan to stay up until dawn!

I had planned to spend the next few days in Yorkshire but with no guarantee I’ll have the dry weather to get my shots it’s best if I cut my losses and leave.

Today was a 40 miler, but felt like more. Lots of hills. I’ll be back.


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    00 hours 10 mins 30 seconds.

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    00 hours 10 mins 30 seconds.

  • Distance
    1.8 miles (3 km).

  • Elevation
    144 ft (44 m).

  • Average speed
    10.5 mph (16.9 km/h).

  • Max speed
    18.3 mph (29.5 km/h).

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